About 4-H Volunteer Cafe’

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Head, Heart, Hands, Health.  Growing Youth who Thrive.

Welcome to the 4-H Volunteer Cafe’!  I am glad that you have decided to check it out.  Come on in with a cup of your favorite beverage and hang out for awhile.  The purpose of this blog is to provide encouragement and resources for our 4-H Volunteer Leadership across the state of California.  If you are not in 4-H, I know that you will find much value in the information that is posted here.  I look forward to getting to know each of you.


4-H helps young people to reach their full potential as competent, confident, leaders of character who contribute and are connected to their communities but it doesn’t happen without the committed team of volunteers that work alongside these youth.  This site is be a place of encouragement and resource for you as a volunteer worker.

Those who can, do.  Those who can do more, volunteer.  ~Author Unknown

  1. Scott Mautte says:

    I would like to thank Ron Cochran. Ron was a volunteer who worked with me when I lived in Pine Hill, NJ. He was a voice of reason, easy to talk to, and gave me some of the best life advice I could have ever needed. He not only shared his knowledge and skills with me but his life as well.

    Thank you Ron for the way that you still impact my life from all those many years ago.

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