What Matters in Positive Youth Development Series-YOU Matter

Posted: April 4, 2014 in 4-H, Leadership Development, Monday Morning Message, Youth Development

As I begin to write this edition’s story, we are fast approaching National Volunteer Week (April 6-12, 2014) and I have a huge smile on my face.  The smile is for you.  This part of our series on “What Matters in Positive Youth Development” is dedicated to YOU.  YOU MATTER!  What YOU DO Matters!

It’s a fact that 4-H Volunteers change lives.  At club meetings, project meetings, special events, camps, conferences and in countless other ways, 4-H volunteers are making an incredible difference in the lives of 4-H youth.

4-H is about teamwork and partnership and you as a volunteer are a critical part of that equation.  Let’s face it, without YOU using your gifts and devoting your time, 4-H would be very ineffective.  Everything you do from the knowledge and skills that you bring into 4-H, to your ability to embrace change and move with 4-H in staying relevant is critical.

Recently we compiled data about the effects that the principles of  thriving have had on our 4-H youth and volunteers and the results have been very exciting.  One of the statistics that came out of our research is that when project leaders believe that the program helps youth reach their full potential and had confidence in their understanding about the 4-H Thrive Theory of Change, they were better able to help youth find their spark and increase their goal management skills.

 The work that we are doing together is hard work. The goal to help youth reach their full potential is being realized by the persistent effort that you bring each day to your volunteer work within 4-H.  My encouragement to you today is to keep making a difference and know that you are very much appreciated.  If 4-H is going to continue to thrive and succeed as an organization for the next 100 years it will only happen with 4-H volunteers who continue being agents of change and embracing innovation.

With all gratitude,


I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and would love for you to share your comments on this article.

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