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Youth from Lassen County with adult volunteers Andy & Lisa

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.”

Bill Wilson

In late 2012, at the encouragement of a friend, I began keeping what I call a gratitude journal.  Each day, I would begin the day by jotting down some of the things that I was grateful for.  Not only did this list help me keep the day in better perspective, it also helped me to be intentional about focusing my energy on being positive.

Today, my primary thoughts of gratitude were on the amazing volunteers that I have the pleasure of working with at my job with the California 4-H Youth Development Programs.  As the day has gone on, I thought that it would be appropriate to expand on this area of gratitude in honor of the amazing work that they do throughout the year as a way of saying “Happy Thanksgiving” to all of them.

To my non-4-H friends reading this blog entry: For those of you who do volunteer, please accept this blog as an extended “thank you” to you as well for all of your service.  For anyone in the great state of California who is looking for an amazing organization to volunteer with, please consider California 4-H as an option. 

Today I am thankful for the California 4-H Volunteer because…


Tirelessly each month of your time, talents and treasures to the vision of creating a world filled with “Healthy, happy, thriving people who make a positive difference in their communities”.


Vacations, family time, weekends and in many other ways to invest in the lives of others.


As club leaders, project leaders, board members, committee members, camp counselors, event chaperones, event planners, transportation workers, cooks, and the list goes on and on and on—All to make the best better.


Other leaders and youth members by sharing your experiences and knowledge with others…


With youth, other adults, local businesses, 4-H staff and other organizations who are committed to creating environments where young people can thrive and succeed.

While this list only scratches the surface of all that you do, my heart is overwhelmingly grateful for all the things, seen and unseen, that you do to make a difference in the lives of youth, families, communities and the world through your volunteerism with California 4-H.

You are part of a team of over 13,000 from all over California touching the lives of over 80,000 young people.  I am honored to serve by your side.



For more information about California 4-H, please check out our website at