Discussion Starters

This section provides updates of questions that would initiate discussion with young people.  These questions can be used to start a meeting or in a mentoring relationship.  Many of the questions are light and fun but some can be insightful and challenging.  The goal is to create space for people to present more of who they are to the rest of the group in a safe way.

  1. Scott Mautte says:

    If you could possess any super power what would you choose? Why?

  2. Scott Mautte says:

    Would you rather eat healthy or exercise regularly?

  3. Scott Mautte says:

    If money, time or training were not an issue, I would…

  4. Scott Mautte says:

    Would you rather…be Martin Luther King or Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi?

  5. Scott Mautte says:

    What if…you had to describe your life three minutes?

  6. Scott Mautte says:

    Have you ever…cooked a meal for family or friends?
    –What did you cook?
    –What was the occassion?
    –How did they respond?
    –Would you do it again?

  7. Scott Mautte says:

    Would you rather…do something you hate and make $100,000 a year or something you enjoy and make $20,000 a year?

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